Jamliner I

Gestaltung von Hamburgs musikalischer Buslinie
Artists: DAIM, Daddy Cool, Tasek | "Jamliner" |  work for Musikhochschule Hamburg / Germany | 2000The year 2000 saw the launch of the Jamliner project in Hamburg. This youth project involved the transformation of a former service bus into a mobile band rehearsal room with integrated recording studio. Getting-up was responsible for the befitting design of the bus. more infos »

Urban Discipline 2000

Graffiti-Art Exhibition at I-Punkt Halle, Hamburg / Germany

"Urban Discipline 2000 - graffiti-art ausstellung", Thomas-I-Punkt-Skateland, Amsinckstr. 70, Hamburg. 15.06.2000 - 23.06.2000, Finissage: 23.06.2000 (Eintrittskarte)The first Urban Discipline exhibition was organized by getting-up in 2000 and took place in the I-Punkt Halle in Hamburg. Its aim was to convey a type of snapshot of global graffiti culture to its visitors.
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Urban Discipline 2000 – Book

"Urban Discipline 2000 - Graffiti-Art" | getting-up | 2000The catalogue to the Urban Discipline 2000 exhibition consists of 96 pages and contains detailed portrayals of the 27 artists involved, their works and the exhibition itself. The artists’ portrayals are several pages long and feature informative sections and expressive images
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Prisoners help juveniles

“Gefangene helfen Jugendlichen” (Prisoners help juveniles) – Artistic design of an old cinema screen in the JVA prison in Hamburg’s Fuhlsbüttel district.

In 1996, the JVA Hamburg-Fuhlsbüttel launched an exciting social project based on an idea developed by three prisoners. This involved using prisoners to deter young people from embarking on a criminal career. getting-up was responsible for the design of the visitors room.

In 2000, the artists DAIM, Daddy Cool, TASEK, Stohead, Trol and Seak created a piece that was vivid and intimidating. It featured violent youths hanging around in front of a prison. They are surrounded by the demonic temptations of a life of crime while inmates try to warn them of the consequences of such a career.

As with the “Gefangene helfen Jugendlichen” project, the aim of this expressive piece deterrence.

Artists: DAIM, Daddy Cool, Stohead, Tasek, Trol, Seak | "Gefangene helfen Jugendlichen" | Hamburg / Germany | 02.2000 | work in prison (JVA - Santa Fu) for "Gefangene helfen Jugendlichen e.V."

Artists: DAIM, Daddy Cool, Stohead, Tasek, Trol, Seak | “Prisoners help juveniles” | Hamburg / Germany | 02.2000 | work in prison (JVA – Santa Fu) for “Gefangene helfen Jugendlichen e.V.”

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Graffiti-Art Ausstellung

Graffiti-Art Exhibition at Phonodrome, Hamburg | 1999In the year 2000, getting-up organized the “Graffiti-Art” exhibition featuring more than 100 exhibits by different artists.

This exhibition came about due to the success enjoyed by an exhibition of the same name, and that was held in the Kunstverein Rügen. more infos »


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