Graffiti-Art Ausstellung

Graffiti-Art Exhibition at Phonodrome, Hamburg | 1999In the year 2000, getting-up organized the “Graffiti-Art” exhibition featuring more than 100 exhibits by different artists.

This exhibition came about due to the success enjoyed by an exhibition of the same name, and that was held in the Kunstverein Rügen. This level of success led to the canvases, sculptures and installations being taken to Hamburg for exhibition in the Phonodrom.

The exhibition feaured internationally acclaimed artists in order to appropriately convey the scene’s immense variety. Some of the works were created on site through collaborations between the participating artists; others had already been presented at different exhibitions all over the world.

Artists involved:

Os Gemeos (Sao Paulo / Brazil)
Shok (Birmingham / GB)
Toast (Bern / Switzerland)
Seak (Cologne)
Loomit (Munich)
Besok (Augsburg)
Codeak (Hildesheim)
Stuka (Braunschweig)
Tasek, Daim, Daddy Cool, Stohead, Trol, Davis (Hamburg)

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