Urban Discipline 2000 – Book

"Urban Discipline 2000 - Graffiti-Art" | getting-up | 2000The catalogue to the Urban Discipline 2000 exhibition consists of 96 pages and contains detailed portrayals of the 27 artists involved, their works and the exhibition itself. The artists’ portrayals are several pages long and feature informative sections and expressive images

The catalogue’s focus was on emphasizing the creative diversity of the artists involved and to convey, to some extent, the immense variety of their creative work.

David Kammerer (CEMNOZ) and Susan Farell of graffiti.org contributed exciting reports

“Urban Discipline 2000 Graffiti-Art”
106 pages
Language: Deutsch/Englisch
Publisher: getting-up
ISBN: 3-00-006154-1

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