Dock-Art – 2,000 m² of graffiti art in the Port of Hamburg

In April 2001, a supersize art banner was hung in Hamburg’s port: 2.000 m² of graffiti art covering one of the city’s most well-known spots — Blohm+Voss’ legendary dock 10.

Artist: DAIM, Darco, Stohead, Tasek, Peter Michalski, Loomit, Seak, Daddy Cool, Toast, Vaine | "Das neue Hamburg und seine Partnerstaedte" | project by "getting-up" | Hamburg / Germany | 2001 | wall-painting was printed on net-vinyl | hanging on the dock 10 at Blohm+Voss, Hamburg Harbour

The huge picture was the result of two years of work by getting-up, the technical knowledge of PosterNetwork AG, Hamburg as well as financial support by ENTERASYS. The model for the poster was a ca. 600 m² measuring spray painted mural that was created in two weeks time on the walls of a former warehouse.

The theme of the picture: The new Hamburg and its twin towns. The picture showed a giant Hamburg type with many classical Hamburg motifs. The eight twin towns were characterized with a type each that were also illustrated with typical features. A focus was set on new media and worldwide networking.

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