Urban Discipline 2001 – Book

Exhibition catalogue
"Urban Discipline 2001 - Graffiti-Art" | getting-up | 2001With its hardcover, additional pages and unusual format, the catalogue to the Urban Discipline 2001 exhibition was considerably more elaborate than its predecessors.

Its 120 pages served to present the 22 artists involved together with pictures of selected works and personal statements. Instead of focusing on the diversity of the individual artists, the catalogue concentrated on presenting their current creative phase. This concept was opted for with a view to, over time, being able to track interesting new aspects and developments in the artists’ careers.

The catalogue contains extensive reports on Urban Discipline 2001 and presents exciting projects such as the 2,000 m² graffiti banner hung in Hamburg port (“Dock-Art”) and the 600 m²-sized mural “Die Götter von Rügen”. Some of its pages are dedicated to renowned photographer Martha Cooper.

This time with the following artists:
OS GEMEOS (Brazil), SUB, MARTHA COOPER (New York), DARE, MATE, TOAST (Switzerland), LAZOO (Paris), KERAMIK, DISCOM (Vienna), LOOMIT, WON (Munich), PETER MICHALSKI (Dortmund), ECB (Landau), BESOK (Augsburg), SEAK (Cologne), STUKA (Braunschweig), CODEAK (Hildesheim), TASEK, DADDY COOL, DAIM, STOHEAD (Hamburg)

Language: Deutsch/Englisch
Publisher: getting-up
ISBN 3-00-007960-2

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