Urban Discipline 2002 – Book

Exhibition catalogue

"Urban Discipline 2002 - Graffiti-Art" | getting-up | 2002The elaborate hardcover catalogue to accompany the third Urban Discipline exhibition in 2002 contains 144 color pages. It features detailed portraits of all 34 artists, among them Os, Gemeos, Banksy, Toast or Zedz, including with extensive image material and personal texts written by the participants.

The Urban Discipline 2002 catalogue has become a rare collector’s item for graffiti fans and art lovers all over the world.

Participating Artists:
Os Gemeos, Vitche, Herbert, Nina (Sao Paulo / Brazil), Puzle (Melbourne / Australia), Mear (Los Angeles / USA), Joker (Portland / USA), Banksy (London / UK), Zedz (Amsterdam / Netherlands), CMP (Kopenhagen / Denmark), Stak, HNT, Andrè, Alexone (Paris / France), Nami/La Mano (Barcelona / Spain), Dare (Basel / Switzerland), Toast (Bern / Switzerland), Loomit, Sat One (Munich), ECB (Landau), Viagrafik (Mainz)Seak (Cologne), Peter Michalski (Dortmund), Stuka (Braunschweig), Esher (Berlin), Tasek, Daim, Daddy Cool, Stohead (Hamburg)

“Urban Discipline 2002 Graffiti-Art”
144 pages
Language: Deutsch/Englisch
Publisher: getting-up
ISBN 3-00-009421-0

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