Smell of paint in the air – Katalog-Box

"Smell of paint in the air", Exhibition Catalogue, Postcard-Box, 2005In 2005 the graffiti art exhibition “Smell Of Paint In The Air” took place in the K3 Hall at Kampnagel in Hamburg and at the Westwendischer Kunstverein in the Gartower Zehntspeicher.

It featured canvases, sculptures, installations and murals, all created by the artistic collective getting-up.
The significance of this ambitious exhibition project was underscored by the production of a very special catalogue consisting of 42 post cards. These cards were incased in a high-quality linen box sealed with a sticker banderole.

SMELL OF PAINT IN THE AIR - Postkarten-BoxThe artists involved, i.e. DAIM, TASEK, Stohead and Daddy Cool used the specially produced portrait cards to present both themselves and, of course, their impressive artwork. Indeed, the main purpose of the catalogue box was to showcase the artists’ work, which is why 37 of the high-quality post cards feature their creations.

Verlag: getting-up
Sprache: Deutsch

linen coated box made of strong carton Size: 11,5 x 15,7 x 2,7 cm

Printed on strong 350g post card carton, front UV-varnish glossy Size: 10,5 x 14,7 cm

The catalogue box is available here: