Vehicle design

"Jamliner 2" | getting-up | Hamburg / Germanygetting-up’s artistic expertise does not stop at gigantic murals and designs for public spaces, but also encompasses the design of a wide variety of vehicles.
Due to the three dimensional aspect, the creative treatment of vehicle surfaces is always a special challenge. This is because the three-dimensionality has to be taken into account both in developing the overall creative concept but also in implementing the design.

Click here for a selection of completed vehicle designs:

Identitaet – the preparation

Artists: DAIM, RKT ONE, Tasek | "Identität" | Hamburg-Rothenburgsort / Germany | 2007 | draftIn 2008, getting-up created “Identität”, an impressive mural on the external facade of a high rise building and the result of an extensive collaborative project.

This project was nine years in the making. The idea for the artistic enhancement of the grey wall surfaces in the Hamburg-Mitte district was hatched back in 1999. more infos »

Around the world – Blohm+Voss

a huge banner for Blohm+Voss
"Around the world" | getting-up - Umsetzung für Blohm+Voss Hamburg. Artists: Daim, Tasek, Daddy CoolBy order of the shipyard Blohm+Voss, getting-up designed a huge banner entitled “Around The World” in 2007.

Bohm + Voss has been a technological market leader in the shipbuilding sector for decades and currently ranks among the world’s top suppliers of components for the shipbuilding industry. getting-up was commissioned to create a banner that reflected Bohm + Voss’ achievements.
more infos »

Murals – turning masonry into artwork

Graffiti originated on the streets, later finding its way into museums, galleries and art houses all over the world. This street art form is part of getting-up’s permanent repertoire.

Thanks to its wealth of experience, the design collective is able to apply its artistic expertise to any kind of surface, regardless of how big or small.

Depending on the type of project, getting-up put together special teams of artists in order to achieve a skills combination best-suited to the respective requirements. This, in turn, enables them to achieve the best possible result.

Click here for a selection of getting-up’s works:

getting-up murals on Google Maps!
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Small selection

wakin up nights – de Pury & Luxembourg, Zürich / Switzerland
still on and non the wiser – Kunsthalle Barmen, Wuppertal / Germany
coming soon… – Projektraum Blashofer, Berlin / Germany
sculpture@citynord – City Nord, Hamburg / Germany
Minimal Illusion – Villa Merkel, Esslingen / Germany
Schon Vergeben – Sammlung Rik Reinking – Art-Cologne / Germany
getting-up – Galerie K31, Lahr / Germany
Smell of paint in the air – Westwendischer Kunstverein Gartow / Germany
Passion des sammelns – Alte Baumwollspinnerei, Leipzig / Germany
Smell of paint in the air – Kampnagel, Halle K3, Hamburg / Germany
getting-up – FREIRAUM, Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe, Hamburg / Germany
Urban Discipline 2002 – Bavaria St. Pauli Brauerei, Hamburg / Germany
Urban Discipline 2001 – Postsortierhalle Stephansplatz, Hamburg / Germany
Urban Discipline 2000 – I-Punkt Halle, Hamburg / Germany
Graffiti 2000/2 – Rote Fabrik, Zürich / Switzerland

Wakin up nights

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nextwall – the interactiv graffiti wall!

nextwall LogoIn 2007, getting-up was asked to design an interactive mural in front of the offices of the new media agency Jung von Matt/next in Hamburg’s the Karoviertel district. The result was “Nextwall”.

The project was implemented by getting-up artists DAIM, TASEK and Daddy Cool, as well as the graffiti artists seak and Desur. Over a period of several days, the history of graffiti was sprayed and painted onto a 30-metre long wall. more infos »

nextwall – the making of – Video

On 10 April 2007 the green light was given: for five days the creation of the 30-metre long “nextwall” graffiti created by DAIM, SEAK, TASEK, Daddy Cool and DESUR was broadcast live on the Internet.
more infos »

Still on and non the wiser

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