Jamliner II

designing of Hamburg’s musical bus line

"Jamliner 2" | getting-up | Hamburg / Germany | 2008In 2000 the first Jamliner bus – a “travelling music school” – was launched, with the objective of promoting young people’s interest in music. In 2008 a further Jamliner bus inaugurated – and getting-up was once again commissioned with its design.

The first bus was mainly blue and green. But for the second Jamliner, getting-up decided to use warm shades. The former public transport bus was painted predominantly in yellow, red and orange.

"Jamliner 2" | getting-up | Hamburg / Germany | 2008

The Jamliner project was initiated by the Staatliche Musikschule Hamburg (State Youth Music College) and the MusikSchulVerein e.V., the colleges’s sponsorship association. The aim of this youth promotion project was to encourage young people’s interest in music and, with this “travelling music school”, offer them a place for creative leisure activities.

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