Urban Discipline – the documentary

“URBAN DISCIPLINE – Graffiti-Art Documentation”
Urban Discipline - DVDIn collaboration with the Berlin filmmakers of “Halbbild”, the artistic collective getting-up produced a 75-minute documentary about the last Urban Discipline exhibition held in 2002.

“Urban Discipline – Graffiti-Art Documentary” shows all of the works of the artists involved and allows the viewer to experience the exhibition held in the Alte Bavaria St. Pauli Brauerei. This fascinating documentary provides insights into the artists themselves, their motifs and the origins of their creativity. It features artists such as Banksy, Dare, Loomit and many others, and serves as the ultimate motion picture proof for graffiti’s rejection of limitations.

The release of the documentary as a double DVD, which includes artist interviews, a slide show of all exhibits and numerous extras, is currently being planned.

Os Gemeos, Vitche, Herbert, Nina (Sao Paulo / Brasilien), Puzle (Melbourne / Australien), Joker (Portland / USA), Banksy (London / UK), Zedz (Amsterdam / Niederlande), CMP (Kopenhagen / Dänemark), Stak, HNT, Alexone (Paris / Frankreich), Dare (Basel / Schweiz), Toast (Bern / Schweiz), Loomit, Sat One (München), ECB (Landau), Viagrafik (Mainz), Seak (Köln), Peter Michalski (Dortmund), Stuka (Braunschweig), Esher (Berlin), Tasek, Daim, Daddy Cool, Stohead (Hamburg)

Not released yet!

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