designing of a mobile rehearsal room in Essen
JamtruckIn 2008, Hamburg’s successful Jamliner project was adapted in the city of Essen. Here, the so-called Jamtruck provided interested young people the possibility of using its mobile rehearsal room with integrated recording studio. getting-up was responsible for the Jamtruck’s design.

The project was initiated by the Mercator foundation and the Folkwang Musikschule. Its aim was to connect young people with different social and cultural backgrounds through the power of music. With its visits to educational and non-educational institutions, the Jamtruck aims to promote creativity, musicality and people’s respect for one other.
The Jamtruck’s design was the work of the artistic collective getting-up, who were also responsible for the design of the Jamliners in Hamburg. They opted for a colorful design that reflected the versatile usage of the Jamtruck. The design featured characters portrayed as stepping out of the shadows through the power of music. The design’s curved lines symbolize motion – both the motion of the music and the motion of the truck.

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Identitaet – RBO marketplace

a mural in Hamburg-Rothenburgsort
Artists: Daim, Tasek, Daddy Cool | "Identitat" | 25 x 10,7 m | Project by getting-up | Hamburg-Rothenburgsort / Germany | 2007 / 2008It took a whole nine years for the initial idea of a mural for Hamburg’s Rothenburgsort district to be realized. But in 2008 the mural “Identität” was finally completed.

The external facade of a high rise building was the location where the artists involved allowed their artistic identities to come up against each other. more infos »

Identitaet – Poster

poster featuring the mural in Hamburg-Rothenburgsort
"Identität" | PosterIn 2008, getting-up created “Identität”, an impressive mural on the external facade of a high rise building.

The central element of the illustration is reminiscent of a flower’s opened blossom and conveys friendliness and cosmopolitanism. The arrows featured in the motif represent new stimuli, movement and inspiration. more infos »

Identitaet – making of

a video documentary about the development of the mural in Hamburg Rothenburgsort
In 2008, getting-up created “Identität”, an impressive mural on the external facade of a high rise building. A ten-minute film documents the development and realization of the project.

This project was nine years in the making. The idea for the artistic enhancement of the grey wall surfaces in the Hamburg-Mitte district was hatched back in 1999. Thanks to the help of numerous supporters, getting-up were finally able to realize the project in 2008. more infos »


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