Jamliner III

the designing of Hamburg’s musical bus line

"Jamliner III" | getting-up | Hamburg (Germany) | 2010The first Jamliner was painted by getting-up in 2000. This former public transport bus served as a “travelling music school” for ten years and during this time contributed toward the promotion of young people’s interest in music. In 2010 the bus was replaced by a new one – again designed by getting-up.

The collective’s third project for the social youth project Jamliner was influenced by the first bus launched in 2000. It was painted in a range of blue-tones and featured a variety of characters. The Jamliner lettering was centrally and eye-catchingly positioned on both sides of the bus’ body.

The Jamliner project was initiated by the Staatliche Musikschule Hamburg (State Youth Music College) and the MusikSchulVerein e.V., the college’s sponsorship association. The aim of this youth promotion project was to encourage young people’s interest in music and, with this “travelling music school”, offer them a place for creative leisure activities.

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