Jamliner – 10 years

10th anniversary of Hamburg’s musical bus line

Miniatur Model des Jamliner III | getting-up / Jamliner | Miniaturwunderland Hamburg | 2010Ten years ago the ambitious Jamliner project was launched in Hamburg. The project involved the transformation of a former service bus into a “travelling music school”, the aim of which was the promotion of young people’s interest in music. Over the course of these ten years, a number of busses have undergone transformation in the interest of music – all of them designed by getting-up. Since 2010, toy-size versions of both currently operating Jamliners can be seen in Hamburg’s Miniaturwunderland model railways museum.

And it was here that the successful youth project celebrated its 10th anniversary in October 2010. The evening was moderated by Reinhold Beckmann and featured a concert by the Jamliner band “Les Kadtts”. During the course of the evening, information was also provided as regards the project’s educational concept and the positive effects of music.
The Jamliner project was initiated by the Staatliche Musikschule Hamburg (State Youth Music College) and the MusikSchulVerein e.V., the college’s sponsorship association. The aim of this youth promotion project was to encourage young people’s interest in music and, with this “travelling music school”, offer them a place for creative leisure activities.

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