Repeat – Tiefgarageneinfahrt

Artist: DAIM, Tasek, Stohead, RKT One | "TG" | Hamburg / Germany | 09.2010 | making of“Repeat” – Street Art by getting-up at the STAMP festival Hamburg.
As part of the international festival of street art in Hamburg, the artistic collective getting-up implemented a range of different projects involving the artistic rendering of public spaces. One of these was the mural “Repeat”.Artist: DAIM, Tasek, Stohead, RKT One | "Repeat" | Hamburg / Germany | 09.2010 | making ofThe task they set themselves was the creative manipulation of the entrance to an underground car park in the Neue Große Bergstraße in Hamburg Altona. The dark grey of the stone and concrete was painted a friendly yellow. The concept for the design by DAIM, TASEK, Stohead and RKT was based on the classic idea of return in the context of urban environments: the typical stop and go of passing vehicles, the on and off of traffic lights and the toing and froing of hurried pedestrians. The artists drew on these repetitive aspects of urban life to create a highly impressive work of street art.

Click here to get an impression of “Repeat”:

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