butterfly blossoms – wallpainting at library

Mural at the Bücherhalle library in Hamburg’s Bramfeld district

Artists: DAIM, Tasek, RKT one | "Schmetterlingsblüten" | Bücherhalle Bramfeld | Hamburg (Germany) | 2010/2011Following their design of the Bücherhalle library’s prominently positioned mural at Hühnerposten near Hamburg’s main station, the artistic collective getting-up was commissioned to redesign the Bücherhalle library in Bramfeld.

The image for this wall symbolizes a bridging of gaps. Its purpose was to remind people of Bramfeld’s extensive history and geography and to accentuate the district’s future-oriented outlook.

"Schmetterlingsblüten" | getting-up | Bücherhalle Bramfeld, Hamburg / Germany | 2011

The colour yellow stands for gorse, an agricultural crop of historical significance to the region. This colour is the image’s leitmotiv; the image’s further elements thus take a more background role. This gives rise to contrasts and artistic contradictions that create an almost tangible artwork featuring “Butterfly blossoms”, key historical facts and poetic quotes. Observers are drawn in by what they see, actively seeking to find out more. The intertwined styles and written elements symbolize the ideas of exchange, communication, variety and dynamism, ideas that characterize Bramfeld, as a modern city district.