Gerrit Peters (TASEK)

Gerrit Peters (TASEK)He has lived and worked in Hamburg since 1997. He began his career as a graffiti artist in the eighties. His central focus was always on breaking down ideological walls through art, on transcending the boundaries imposed by society. TASEK is thus entirely liberated from any stylistic or methodical limits and, as a result, has spent the past several years broadening his artistic horizon through the addition of countless new facets.

Whether rough drawings, stringent lettering or free calligraphy, TASEK has the capacity to realize his visions in almost every possible way. He is as proficient with the spray can as he is with the paint roller, is well-versed in screen printing, painting, and experienced at creating computer graphics, pencil sketches or installations.

The creative interaction with his environment has always been central to his work. His creations are executed in a manner that is formal in that it is very clear, but are often very abstract as regards content. Topics such as information overload, mass society, excess and consumption have always played a major role in TASEK’s art. The information overload that often characterizes public spaces contrasts with people’s need to be able to simultaneously perceive and ignore everyday things. TASEK expresses this imbalance through typographical tools, clear colors and reduced forms. He takes it to a meta-level, breaking it down to its very essence and allowing it to be experienced visually.

An example of this is the mural “Repeat”. The mantric repetition of the term “repeat” reflects complex, constantly changing social structures, and simultaneously reduces these to one self-denominating formula: Repeat. A motif that is completely separated from place, content and function, but that nevertheless consistently follows its own rules; a motif trapped in itself
Despite the exacting nature of this type of work, both in terms of graphics as well as of contents, TASEK always allows himself enough room to be able to follow developments in the world of classic art and to contemplate his creative roots. For TASEK, maintaining old styles and showing respect for the achievements of his artistic forerunners is a matter of course.

Today, TASEK is an internationally acclaimed artist who has realized projects all over the world in collaboration with other artists. He enjoys communicating his wide-ranging knowledge to interested audiences; as head of workshop projects for graffiti and urban art, as lecturer in art schools and as speaker in museums and universities, he has plenty of opportunities to do this.

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