Heiko Zahlmann (RKT one)

Heiko Zahlmannwas born in Hamburg in 1973 and has been a graffiti artist for more than 20 years. He started out his artistic career using colors to emulate different surfaces. Today, he spends most of his time with a spray can in his hand, redesigning entire districts through the creation of gigantic murals. Since joining the artistic collective, he has increasingly departed from the use of painted effects.

The art critic Hajo Schiff wrote the following about Heiko Zahlmann in 2007: “Heiko Zahlmann considers it wrong to simply apply graffiti to a canvas and hang it in a room. This is because what makes graffiti special outside can hardly be domesticated and carried over into a closed art location. In applying his art to slabs of concrete — to the original material so to speak — he pays tribute to his roots. In a neutral exhibition area, he demonstrates the power that a simple sprayed line can have. (…)
Heiko Zahlmann’s new pieces, created in the design studio using acrylics, are more at home in a showroom. They are somewhere between a traditional panel painting and profiled image. They also feature a number of freestanding steles. (…)
The 2-dimensional hard form, precisely calculated, has been transformed into a three-dimensional creation. The typically hazy transitions have become part of the interplay of light and shadow within the three dimensional form. The dynamism of the quickly sprayed lettering becomes a form. The light and shadow within the piece play with this form, also using the ambient light. Thus, the sprayer became a painter, a sculptor, and an autonomous artist all in one.

The term graffiti, in encompassing an enormously broad field and an endless range of manifestations, says little about an individual piece. But it has a fundamental relationship to writing, or at least, to the action of writing. These more recent works of Zahlmann’s are also writings, and range from hermetical fragments of his distinctive artistic signature to longer texts. In creating them, Heiko Zahlmann has stayed true to his sprayer roots.”

More Infos: heikozahlmann.de

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