Urban-Art at STAMP 2012

Urban Art at the STAMP festival – getting-up presents graffiti and street-art as part of the street art festival
STAMP 2012 - Plakat
STAMP – The Street Arts melting Pot
International Festival of Street Arts, Hamburg (Germany)
August 31st – Septmeber 2nd, 2012
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Transform – Umspannwerk HafenCity

"Transform" | getting-up project | Umspannwerk HafenCity, Hamburg / Germany | 2011“Transform” | Umspannwerk HafenCity, Hamburg / Germany | 2011/2012


butterfly blossoms – wallpainting at library

Mural at the Bücherhalle library in Hamburg’s Bramfeld district

Artists: DAIM, Tasek, RKT one | "Schmetterlingsblüten" | Bücherhalle Bramfeld | Hamburg (Germany) | 2010/2011Following their design of the Bücherhalle library’s prominently positioned mural at Hühnerposten near Hamburg’s main station, the artistic collective getting-up was commissioned to redesign the Bücherhalle library in Bramfeld. more infos »

Repeat – Tiefgarageneinfahrt

Artist: DAIM, Tasek, Stohead, RKT One | "TG" | Hamburg / Germany | 09.2010 | making of“Repeat” – Street Art by getting-up at the STAMP festival Hamburg.
As part of the international festival of street art in Hamburg, the artistic collective getting-up implemented a range of different projects involving the artistic rendering of public spaces. One of these was the mural “Repeat”. more infos »

Urban-Art at STAMP 2010

Urban Art at the STAMP festival – getting-up presents graffiti and street-art as part of the street art festival
STAMP 2010 - Internationales Festival der Straßenkünste Hamburg | 3. - 5. September 2010
STAMP – The Street Arts melting Pot
International Festival of Street Arts, Hamburg (Germany)
September 3rd – 5th, 2010
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Urban Discipline – the documentary

“URBAN DISCIPLINE – Graffiti-Art Documentation”
Urban Discipline - DVDIn collaboration with the Berlin filmmakers of “Halbbild”, the artistic collective getting-up produced a 75-minute documentary about the last Urban Discipline exhibition held in 2002.

“Urban Discipline – Graffiti-Art Documentary” shows all of the works of the artists involved and allows the viewer to experience the exhibition held in the Alte Bavaria St. Pauli Brauerei. This fascinating documentary provides insights into the artists themselves, their motifs and the origins of their creativity. more infos »

Prozess – wallpainting at Hamburg Main-Station

mural at the historical Huehnerposten at Hamburg Main-Station

In 2008, graffiti artists Mirko Reisser (DAIM), Heiko Zahlmann (RKT one) and Gerrit Peters (TASEK) of getting-up were commissioned by the FAMOS Projekt GmbH to design the outer wall of the “Huehnerposten” – the former railway post office that, since 2004, has housed the central library of the “Buecherhallen Hamburg” library network.

Artists: DAIM, RKT One, Tasek | "Prozess" | Spraypaint on wall | Hamburg / Germany | 2008

It involved the embellishment of the plain red brick wall using by seven gigantic images created under difficult circumstances directly next to the track entrance to the Hamburg’s main station. In order to minimize the risk of injury for the artists, the Deutsche Bahn assigned trained security personnel for their protection and redirected the trains to other tracks. The artists themselves were equipped with clearly visible warning vests.

Before the start of the project Reimund Schulz, managing director of FAMOS, commented: “We want to support young artists, and, at the same time, we want to embellish our historical building where it makes sense. The Huehnerposten, which now houses the Buecherhallen and the Goethe Institute, is also an important cultural location in Hamburg. Proof of this are not only the internationally renowned Balkenhol sculptures which adorn the square in front of the Huehnerposten, but also the square itself; Arno-Schmidt-Platz was named after a once almost forgotten literary great.

Click here for pictures of “Prozess”:

During the work on “Prozess” getting-up member Heiko Zahlmann explained the concept: “We are done with the priming of the red brick surfaces and will now begin by applying an image consisting of calligraphic elements. We have each developed our own styles in terms of calligraphy. We will compose these calligraphic characters directly on the wall. The art work is entitled “Prozess”. We abstract and encode terms and phrases that relate to the term “process” in the context of development. In doing so, we also incorporate the building’s tenants into the piece: the focus of the Oeffentliche Buecherhallen’s and the Goethe-Institut’s work is also on the art of writing.

Identitaet – RBO marketplace

a mural in Hamburg-Rothenburgsort
Artists: Daim, Tasek, Daddy Cool | "Identitat" | 25 x 10,7 m | Project by getting-up | Hamburg-Rothenburgsort / Germany | 2007 / 2008It took a whole nine years for the initial idea of a mural for Hamburg’s Rothenburgsort district to be realized. But in 2008 the mural “Identität” was finally completed.

The external facade of a high rise building was the location where the artists involved allowed their artistic identities to come up against each other. more infos »

Identitaet – Poster

poster featuring the mural in Hamburg-Rothenburgsort
"Identität" | PosterIn 2008, getting-up created “Identität”, an impressive mural on the external facade of a high rise building.

The central element of the illustration is reminiscent of a flower’s opened blossom and conveys friendliness and cosmopolitanism. The arrows featured in the motif represent new stimuli, movement and inspiration. more infos »

Identitaet – making of

a video documentary about the development of the mural in Hamburg Rothenburgsort
In 2008, getting-up created “Identität”, an impressive mural on the external facade of a high rise building. A ten-minute film documents the development and realization of the project.

This project was nine years in the making. The idea for the artistic enhancement of the grey wall surfaces in the Hamburg-Mitte district was hatched back in 1999. Thanks to the help of numerous supporters, getting-up were finally able to realize the project in 2008. more infos »


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