Eros and Aphrodite – architecture contest

design concept for the Spielbudenplatz in Hamburg
Artists: DAIM, Daddy Cool, Tasek | "Eros & Aphrodite" | 2004 | partner: UNN Architekten und StadtplanerIn 2004 the artistic collective getting-up collaborated with the architects üNN to participate in a tendering procedure for the design of the Spielbudenplatz in Hamburg. The motto for getting up’s proposal: “Eros And Aphrodite – Classical Mythology In Urban Language”.

The concept for the design proposal aimed to reflect the multifacetted spirit of the St. Pauli district using the two contrasting deities from Greek Mythology, Eros and Aphrodite.
Aphrodite, born of sea foam, is considered a symbol of beauty and carefreeness. Her son Eros, on the other hand, symbolizes creativity, art and the strong desire for nobility. Together they embody two fundamental sides of the world-famous Reeperbahn in St. Pauli: the carnally motivated carefree attitude on the one hand and the desire for inspiring art on the other.

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The model for the design uses Taubenstraße to separate the Spielbudenplatz and divide it into to halves: one for Eros and one for Aphrodite. This segmentation symbolizes the antagonistic atmosphere that is often to be found here and turns the location into a varied space full of things to discover. The Spielbudenplatz square exudes an air of antiquity that has been cultivated by means of modern artistic methods. Its friendly, open atmosphere makes it a versatile location, and attractive place for people to sepnd time and met up with one another. Special lighting gives the square an almost magical quality, which in turn takes us back to the myths of the two deities.

The idea developed by getting-up and üNN was well-received by the jury. Their concept for the design of Spielbudenplatz reached the final round of the competition.