Urban Discipline – the documentary

“URBAN DISCIPLINE – Graffiti-Art Documentation”
Urban Discipline - DVDIn collaboration with the Berlin filmmakers of “Halbbild”, the artistic collective getting-up produced a 75-minute documentary about the last Urban Discipline exhibition held in 2002.

“Urban Discipline – Graffiti-Art Documentary” shows all of the works of the artists involved and allows the viewer to experience the exhibition held in the Alte Bavaria St. Pauli Brauerei. This fascinating documentary provides insights into the artists themselves, their motifs and the origins of their creativity. more infos »

Identitaet – Poster

poster featuring the mural in Hamburg-Rothenburgsort
"Identität" | PosterIn 2008, getting-up created “Identität”, an impressive mural on the external facade of a high rise building.

The central element of the illustration is reminiscent of a flower’s opened blossom and conveys friendliness and cosmopolitanism. The arrows featured in the motif represent new stimuli, movement and inspiration. more infos »

Smell of paint in the air – Katalog-Box

"Smell of paint in the air", Exhibition Catalogue, Postcard-Box, 2005In 2005 the graffiti art exhibition “Smell Of Paint In The Air” took place in the K3 Hall at Kampnagel in Hamburg and at the Westwendischer Kunstverein in the Gartower Zehntspeicher.

It featured canvases, sculptures, installations and murals, all created by the artistic collective getting-up.
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Urban Discipline – CD-rom

"Urban Discipline 2002 - Graffiti-Art CDrom", getting-up, 2004The CD-ROM to Urban Discipline – Graffiti-Art 2002

The CD-ROM gives a comprehensive overview of all works produced the graffiti activists involved in the third Urban Discipline exhibition in 2002. It also features detailed portraits of all 34 artists, among them Os, Gemeos, Banksy, Toast or Zedz, including with extensive image material and personal texts written by the participants. more infos »

DAIM – daring to push the boundaries

"DAIM - daring to push the boundaries", getting-up / m.reisser (1. Auflage), 2004In order to demonstrate the intensive process of finding ways to illustrate his name, to make it an entity and to bring it to perfection, the 3D-virtuoso from Hamburg loves taking his own idiosyncratic route off the graffiti path. His styles seem to burst off the walls in order to explode onto the canvas, making way for a photo-realistic series to finally be revived as sculptures. DAIM’s gallery holds a variety of techniques and motives: the strange gaze of an exotic fish, a perspectival illustration of a gas mask alongside complex sketches of his name; acrylic images next to drawings…
For the first time, his works are shown in a book of 107 pages. more infos »

Urban Discipline 2002 – Book

Exhibition catalogue

"Urban Discipline 2002 - Graffiti-Art" | getting-up | 2002The elaborate hardcover catalogue to accompany the third Urban Discipline exhibition in 2002 contains 144 color pages. It features detailed portraits of all 34 artists, among them Os, Gemeos, Banksy, Toast or Zedz, including with extensive image material and personal texts written by the participants.
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Urban Discipline 2001 – Book

Exhibition catalogue
"Urban Discipline 2001 - Graffiti-Art" | getting-up | 2001With its hardcover, additional pages and unusual format, the catalogue to the Urban Discipline 2001 exhibition was considerably more elaborate than its predecessors.
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Urban Discipline 2000 – Book

"Urban Discipline 2000 - Graffiti-Art" | getting-up | 2000The catalogue to the Urban Discipline 2000 exhibition consists of 96 pages and contains detailed portrayals of the 27 artists involved, their works and the exhibition itself. The artists’ portrayals are several pages long and feature informative sections and expressive images
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