the studio community

getting-up was founded in 1999 in Hamburg as a means of synthesizing diverse creative talents for the implementation of various artistic projects.
"Transform" | getting-up project | Umspannwerk HafenCity, Hamburg / Germany | 2011The brainchild of artists Gerrit Peters (TASEK), Mirko Reisser (DAIM) and Heiko Zahlmann (RKT one), it also sought to make use of its members’ experience and expertise in order to grow and progress as an artistic collective (its three members all have over 20 years of experience)…

getting-up Wallpaintings Murals
Thanks to its wealth of experience, the design collective is able to apply its artistic expertise to any kind of surface, regardless of how big or small.

Dock-Art Dock-Art
Two and a half years of preparation work were needed in order to translate the vision of a giant painting for the dock into reality.

Urban Discipline Urban Discipline
The international exhibition series Urban Discipline was organized by getting-up.

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